Some Unexpected Reasons to Call Your Insurance Agent

There are certain events in life when we know it is time to reach out to an insurance agent, such as purchasing a new house. But there are other less obvious events were contacting an agent might not occur to us.

Ask yourself… How might an agent help me start my own business? How is having a teenage driver in my household going to impact my finances? When I inevitably win the lottery, how can my agent help protect my winnings? Hanlin Insurance has compiled a list of common (and a few less common) events when it would be wise to contact your agent. 

Teen Driver

Your kid is old enough to drive?! Do you slash your tires, buy a houseboat and live offshore, far away from any roads? (Be sure to contact your agent if you do any of those things!) Seriously, if you have a teenage driver living under your roof, contact your agent. They can point you in the direction of programs that educate your teen, making them a safer driver and possibly reducing the cost of their auto insurance.

New Business

You’re doing it! You’re finally going to quit your nine-to-fiver and start your dream business on the shores of Lake Erie… Al’s Bait and Tackle Tiki Bar! Worms and Mai Tais for the trendy cosmopolitan fishermen.

New House

We’ve all been there. You borrow your neighbor’s lawn mower and mangle the blades on a garden gnome. You can’t face the embarrassment of returning a broken mower so you make the only reasonable decision you have left. You move into a new house!

Regardless of your reasons for moving, purchasing a home is a major life event that requires contacting one insurance agent. A new house means new coverage. Most banks will not close on sale without proof of insurance, so advance contact with your agent is a must.     

Lottery Winnings

You played to win and, against the overwhelming odds, you won big! Really BIG!Congratulations!  How do you manage this sudden cash flow that will forever change your life? Maybe you’re not so great with money, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire an  English butler to serve that auctioned vase of ancient Egyptian wine aboard your new party zeppelin. Right?

Whether your winnings are huge or more modest, definitely contact your insurance agent. They can help you set up annuity payments: regular payments from savings and investments from your lottery winnings. They can make sure you preserve your newfound wealth and not fritter it away on airships, moldy grape juice, butlers with cool accents, and whatever else rich people like.

Please remember, whatever changes occur inyour busy life, don’t hesitate to call your insurance agent. Even if thescenarios seem as ridiculous or small as the ones described above, your agentwill happily answer any questions.

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