Harvest savings for Ohio Farmers with Hanlin Insurance.

If you are an Ohio farmer, chances are Hanlin Insurance could help you save a significant amount of money on your commercial auto insurance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Most farmers throughout Ohio have a fleet of trucks and trailers that are only used in the fall during harvesting season, yet they still pay insurance all year round!  If this is starting to sound like you, you don’t have to worry.  At Hanlin Insurance, we can use what’s called ‘The Farm Lay-up’ credit. This credit can reduce the insurance rates on your vehicles and trailers base on the number of months their not in use.  Savings are also eligible for all trucks used for the harvest season operations!
Worried that the farm Lay-Up might suspend your coverage? It won’t! The farm Lay-Up only reduces the insurance rate, not your coverage!  You also won’t have to worry about going through the painful hassle of adding and removing your insurance coverages throughout the year.
Wondering why your insurance agent hasn’t recommended the farm Lay Up to you?
It’s because the Farm Lay-up is a seldom utilized credit that probably isn’t known by the big city brokers or 5-minute insurance quoting website.  At Hanlin Insurance we value your business more than to give you a quick quote.  We’ll put in the time and effort to save you money.  So stop in today or give us a call to see what kind of savings you’ve been missing out on.
The Farm Lay Up at Hanlin Insurance.  One more way we’ve been serving our customers better since 1972
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