Changes are part of your life and your farm operation. Consider these important insurance questions:

 Has your home been updated, added on to or remodeled?

 Do you have every building, gazebo, swimming pool, grain bin or other structure that you want insured listed on your policy?

 Have you purchased, leased, sold or traded any equipment?

 Are all of the farm locations you own, rent or lease listed on your policy?

 Do you participate in farmer’s markets or have any other non-farming operations that produce income such as a home business, incidental business, oil or gas well lease, wind turbine lease, or leased hunting land?

 Are your grain and/or cattle limits accurate due to fluctuating prices?

 Do you own an ATV or golf cart? Is it scheduled on your policy for physical damage coverage? Is it insured for off-premises use?

 Have you formed a legal entity such as an LLC, trust, partnership or corporation?

 Are you performing any custom farming operations?

 Do you need a farm umbrella policy?

 Want to reduce your premium? Inquire about increased deductible options and ourmulti-policy discount.

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